Hi, I’m Karl Goldstein. My mission is spreading knowledge on habits that foster peace and making peace habits one’s own easy. Blogging about peace habits is just the beginning, speaking on them and trainings shall follow.

We look into peace habits in-depth. Together we figure out which habits work best promoting and creating an atmosphere of peace. We are talking about habits that are in place or kick in, when we feel great and safe with friends and/or among strangers.

We focus on the peace habits at personal and group level. Great resources are available deepening knowledge and getting committed.

During the past couple of years I came across a couple of awesome blogs, such as Zen Habits, Good Life Project and The School of Greatness. Their authors inspired my personal development and I am still following them. They focus on personal development and thus have helped me opening my horizon.

This blog is my second one. During the years from 2010 to 2013 I blogged about impressions that I gained in Palestine and Israel. At that time I was working as an advisor within the German Civil Peace Service program.

Meanwhile, back in Germany, I support the Middle East working group of the German Catholic Scout Organization DPSG. We foster international group meetings between German, Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian scout leaders. It is our goal that their encounters lead away from enemy stereotyping to friendship.

It is always a pleasure meeting scouts. As soon as scouts realize that they are among like-minded people, scouts open up and enjoy a pleasant time.

From my point of view, this pleasant time is created by a certain set of habits. I call these peace habits. If we utilize these habits, we might change fight or flight moments into moments of curiosity. We do not need to run, but give each other space to explore and get acquainted.

When utilizing peace habits kick in like driving your car, almost like being on autopilot, we will reach a deeper understanding of our life circumstances. After all we will make this world a better place. A great goal to get moving!