Hi, I’m Karl Goldstein. My life purpose is seeking opportunities and using creativity to listen to and motivate others to acknowledge their opportunities for better life by creating and sharing a better world.

Life is too short to suffer. I agree to this statement of Tony Robbins. Yet suffering has been a part of my life off and on. My suffering came through not knowing enough, laziness and especially through imagining trouble. Imagining trouble is not so smart, it often became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The other times, although really nothing happened, just scared the heck out of me and paralyzed my actions.

Looking backwards at my life, I overcame a lot of trouble: I failed grade 7 at high school and had to repeat it (that’s a German invention). I was lazy and procrastination was one of my favorite excuses. I gained a lot of weight. I moved to Canada and got terribly home sick on a regular basis. I felt rejected at school, later often at work, also with job applications and some girlfriends. It troubled me not to know my true calling. I went from job to job searching my calling by exclusion. At one moment in time, I was out of a job, my savings came to an end and no new income was in sight, my partnership fell into pieces and nothing seemed to work out right for me any more. I was losing the will to breathe.

I changed! | Life changed!

Now, I want to meet great people, listen to and give interesting speeches, be creative, be part of exciting adventures, have inspiring talks, go on amazing travels, be part of powerful transformations, be involved in exponential personal growth and break throughs, enjoy love, interact in friendship, be open for sadness and happiness, foster my weight loss, support others in their weight loss and strive to eat healthy and nourishing foods, practice energizing sports, gain strength and flexibility, be fluent in English and German, expand my knowledge in French and Arabic, share my international awareness with like-minded people, listen to energizing music and give space for meditation, spirituality and grace.

As a scouts we believe the world needs to be shaped into a better place, continuously. It is our mission to create a better world. Having said that, I’m living in Germany and Germany is a pretty good place to be living at right now. It is mostly peaceful and full of opportunities. Compared to other countries it is a safe haven. Yet there is no time to rest. The mission is not fulfilled. The scouts and my mission are strongly connected, we strive to create a better world for individuals, groups and the environment.

I want to help others so that they feel loved, appreciated and grateful. I want them to feel at ease when they are involved in deep conversations with others. I want my peers to be curious, creative and free.

These are some ways that I can contribute to society using my skills and character:

– Coaching individuals. | Accompanying them on their paths to personal growth (including weight loss).
– Inviting to events and getting the participants involved with each other.
– Traveling the Middle East with groups of like-minded people. | Thereby getting to know each other and the region.

I am naturally drawn to people who are smiling, friendly, open, curious, sad, angry or those who feel helpless, are speaking Arabic with the dialect that I understand, who use friendly language in German, English, French or Arabic, who are into sports, enjoy being a scout and are proud to show it, who consent to common values and human rights, who are generally interesting, are entrepreneurs, who meditate, share knowledge freely, value life, are hands on and who keep their word.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!