28 Quotes on Good Life | Challenge

Believing that the wish to live a good life is necessary to utilize Peace Habits in your own life, I invite you to watch Jonathan Fields’ interviews at Good Life Project. He has interviewed many purpose-driven entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, world-shakers and artists exploring what it means to live a good life. Here are some of the statements that his friends shared.

Be Intentional

You get to decide what is good for you. – Seth Godin

Find your calling, know it and get to do it. – Vani Hari

Be deliberate the way you live your life. – A.J. & Melissa Leon

When things will be different, because you are being intentional. – Scott Dinsmore

Flourishing life where you feel at peace with your past, optimistic about your future and at the moment do the best you can be, present and happy. Be aligned with who you are. – Emiliya Zhlvotoskaya.


When I lay my head down at night and feel peaceful. – Michael Port

Ease, abundance and amusement. – Erin Weed


Individual and together – have a happy life. – Brad Feld

To always be great. To always be learning. To always be stretching. – Karen Salmansohn

Be aware of your life, everything in it and everything that is important. – Wokie Nwabueze


Don’t take things too seriously. Celebrate. – Marie Forleo


Integration ⎼ integrating the wholeness of who we are. – Jerry Colonna

Living with passion. – Vernon Bush

Love. – Danielle LaPorte

Gratitude. – Brené Brown

Love and connection. – Patricia Moreno

Be of Service

A life of heartfelt connection, for contribution and service. – Tami Simon

Nothing better than helping fellow human beings. ⎼ It makes everything worthwhile. – Leo Babauta

Connecting with one person and making the difference for her or him. – Helene Godin

Be Brave

Live with bravery. Live with a sense of not giving up. – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Be the best version of myself ever single day. – Lewis Howes

The braver I get and the more I’m willing to live my life out of the box, the better my life gets. – Lissa Rankin

The extend in which I can stay true to myself, live an authentic life, make the work that I want to make in ways that feel good to me. – Lisa Congdon

Wake up in the morning and do something that I find meaningful. Something that I inherently enjoy. Something that I think, that makes a contribution to the world in a tiny way. – Dan Pink

Be Happy

Get the time doing the things that make you happy. – Kate Northrup

You Are Enough

Be happy with what you have, knowing that it’s enough, knowing that you’re enough. Feeling that sense of connection to source and self. – Kris Can

Know that you are perfectly fine. Like really. And that you will become who you are meant to be. – Rhonda Britten

Being exactly who I am and being honest about it. Don’t apologize. Maybe along the way, I have helped a few people feel the same way. – Erika Napoletano

Your Challenge
The challenge is, finding out what your good life’s about! Live your life with passion and an idea where to you are heading.

So, what is your good life?

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